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Apricot Actuaries are passionate about helping Australian retirees to financially navigate their way through their retirement.

Software consulting

We work with professionals who already have a good understanding of superannuation.  We offer our actuarial qualifications, technology and our experienced team and partners to add exceptional value for our customers at a fair price. We are innovators who provide an efficient, personal, trusted service.

We differ from other actuaries because of our detailed knowledge of financial planning and how to deal with the real needs of individual retirees.

We differ from financial planners because we are able to model risk using actuarial techniques. We stress test market risk and longevity risk and are market leaders in presenting these results in a simple way that empowers confident decision making.

We partner closely with actuarial software firm to develop and distribute the Retirement Analysis and Planning Software Suite (RAPS).

Accountants Scaled Advice Platform (A.S.A.P.)

In 2016 we launched A.S.A.P. as a digital advice provider that accountants without a planning license can refer to – to service their SMSF clients. This was designed in response to ASIC saying “accountants who wish to provide advice about acquiring or disposing of an interest in an SMSF must now be covered by an AFS licence….[or refer to a licensed adviser].  We received regulatory assistance from the ASIC Innovation Hub.

In 2020 we withdrew this SMSF product advice service due to low demand. Many in the industry seem to believe that accountants can still provide assistance to SMSF clients without it being ‘financial product advice’.

A.S.A.P. continues to provide SMSF actuarial certificates.

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