Our Mission

Apricot Actuaries help accountants to provide innovative solutions that take into account risk and fulfill best interest duties to their customers.

Our Team

Jim Hennington

Actuary | Adviser

Jim is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries who has spent his career specialising in scaled advice. Before founding Apricot Actuaries, worked at Accurium (formerly Bendzulla Actuarial) which services around 70,000 SMSFs. A financial services professional with a long track record of building businesses and launching new products, Jim initiated Apricot Actuaries in response to accountants who said they would prefer a technology solution rather than having to hold an AFSL or having to refer clients to a full planning service.

Jim previously founded a boutique ex-pat retirement planning practice which grew to become an international network (UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).Since 2010 he has held senior software development roles for a number of financial institutions in Australia and the UK including the design of retirement decision systems for HSBC, Challenger Life and Scottish Widows.

As well as being a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, Jim holds a Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne as well as two Diplomas in Financial Planning (UK and Australia).

Liam Azzopardi

Product Manager

Many SMSF accountants will recognise Liam from his previous role at Accurium. Liam was responsible for supporting several thousand SMSF accountants who use Accurium every day for actuarial certificates and SMSF retirement planning tools. Liam has worked in the financial services industry since graduating from the University of Tasmania with a combined Business/Economics degree in 2012.

Liam has extensive experience providing high-level customer service to clients of IT platforms. He holds a Diploma of Financial Planning including the SMSF specialisation and is a keen AFL footballer.

Clarissa Horwood

Customer Experience Director

Clarissa has a wealth of experience understanding customers’ viewpoints and ensuring her companies meet their needs whether this is in person, by phone or delivered via an online service. Her role at Apricot is to oversee the total customer experience. This includes ensuring the team and culture of Apricot are aligned with customers to deliver the best possible service.

Her previous roles include alumni relations for Oxford University as well as founding an online writing platform which services over 1,000 writers. Clarissa’s communication skills are second to none (including the fact she speaks three languages.).

Jingyuan He


Jingyuan (also known as Dahoo) is an experienced full-stack developer who joined Apricot in 2020. He is in charge of maintaining and improving Apricot’s online platform. Dahoo studied at the University of Tasmania, graduating in 2020 with a Master of Information Technology and Systems. He also holds a Master of Aerospace Engineering, and has previously worked in Beijing as a software engineer. 

Dahoo and his wife settled in Hobart in 2018 and they both enjoy the quiet and idyllic lifestyle on offer. They have made it their mission to adventure to every corner of Tasmania. 

Wider Team

Apricot is also proud to have a team of highly skilled programmers based here in Tasmania. We also work closely with our designer, marketing consultants, lawyers and our own accountants all based in Australia.

Financial Services Lawyers

Apricot has worked closely with a senior AFS licensing partner from Mills Oakley, Mark Bland.  Mark is an industry leader in AFS licensing related matters, providing training for boards, responsible managers and representatives of financial services providers.