Apricot’s Expected Return Report – Methodology

Methodology and assumptions Our partner – 10E24 The 10E24 Asset Model forecasts inflation, bond yields and asset class returns including risk, by projecting a large number of forward-looking scenarios, based on a wide range of economic and financial risk-factors. The model describes plausible paths of economic variables in an economically coherent way, allowing for the […]

Talking about money

This article is not about Apricot (although we do aspire to have good branding). Here we’re simply observing a few other companies whose marketing and design styles we like. [We are not endorsing the companies in any way!] Too often, financial firms revert to jargon and detail and assume everyone is very ‘left brain’. But […]

Longevity tables, the basis for ensuring your money lasts, need new life

“To have more than a coin-toss chance that a person’s retirement planning horizon is sufficient, you need to look at the timeframe that gives 80% or more certainty of being sufficient,” the Institute says in a research note to financial planners. It goes on to say that while there is uncertainty around how long any […]

Robust Retirement Outcomes

Most retired households will have a mix of assets at retirement with the most common being superannuation, home, and savings outside of superannuation. To complicate matters, retirees face two huge unknowns: What investment returns will be during their retirement; and How long they, and their spouse, might live. This uncertainty makes turning capital into lifetime […]

Applying Fintech to actuarial certificates

BGL partner Apricot Actuaries have drawn on their experience in the digital advice space to apply ‘Fintech’ thinking to actuarial certificates. Their CEO and actuary Jim Hennington explains what makes a ‘Fintech’ actuarial certificate. Traditionally, actuarial certificates have followed a static sequence: fill out a form, send to the actuary, respond to calls/emails back and […]