How much is enough? 

When it comes to planning for retirement and providing advice to clients about their financial future, this is a question you’ve no doubt heard before.

We think that having the peace of mind to know how much money you can safely spend each year after you decide to stop working is every person’s right. We also believe that deciding to leave work and pursue quality time with family, travel goals, golf, or whatever a person wants to do, should be met with confidence and joy.

For too many people, the question of “how much is enough” means they face retirement with uncertainty and trepidation, despite having a decent amount of wealth. Your clients are familiar with lump sums: how much Superannuation they have, the value of their home and other assets, perhaps even their net worth. But for many people, big numbers are hard to reconcile with an exercise such as budgeting for your life post-work, particularly when it comes to the unknowns around life choices, markets, and health.

We’re solving that problem. We’re thrilled to introduce Jubilacion, a division of Apricot Actuaries that helps people understand exactly how much money they have each year in retirement. As Actuaries, we love complex maths and models. We’ve devised a process that removes the guesswork for your clients when they want to know how much money they can safely spend each year when they stop working and live the lifestyle they choose.

Questions we can answer:

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A real wake-up call. Gave us confidence.
November 2020

When I first retired, I was worried sick as to whether my wife and I had saved enough to last in retirement.

Our accountant recommended we use Apricot’s Financial Freedom service and this couldn’t have happened at a better time with all this COVID worry going on. I found Apricot’s service very reassuring. Their staff explained the process and key concepts well and presented us with results that were easy to understand and digest.

It’s a great tool to give confidence that you’re in a good position.

I plan to get another report at least every two years. I love that we had the ability to adjust the calculation to test different circumstances.

We got a real wake-up call about retirement saving in our 50’s. I really hope things like this are available for our kids when they start thinking about retirement.

Paul Brodie, Queensland, recently retired
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"Provided us with a really clear picture of what was achievable"
January 2021

We worked hard in our younger years so that we could travel and enjoy a good standard of living in our retirement. COVID's effect on the markets (and our super balances) left us worried that we wouldn't be able to achieve our retirement goals.
Liam took the time to chat with us, really understand our specific situation and identify our concerns. The results in the report were explained to us in terms we could understand and provided us with a really clear picture of what was achievable. It was valuable to be able to explore scenarios specific to us and see what effect they would have on our finances. We would highly recommend this service for retirees like us who are looking for clarity around their retirement spending.

Sonny and veronica, Tasmania, Retired
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A great opportunity to take stock your financial situation and understand your financial future"
July 2021

My client wanted to be really confident before taking the leap of faith to retire. I therefore suggested she speak to Apricot. Apricot’s team are very accommodating and they take care to explain key concepts.

The service is a great opportunity to take stock of a person’s financial situation and to understand your financial future. My clients were delighted and said they felt very comfortable speaking to Liam and Jim.

The scenario testing adds considerable value to the process and gets clients thinking about their big decisions and trade-offs. My most recent referral left the clients feeling much more confident and it resulted in additional tax planning work for me.

I’ll recommend the service to all my clients who are on the cusp of retirement, but also those who are within 10 years from letting go their salary and want to know where they stand.

Karin, NSW, Accountant
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