Apricot’s Expected Return Report – Methodology

Get more from your Actuary

Apricot’s new CertificatesPlus service analyses the fund’s investment mix and, using advanced actuarial modelling, provides an Expected Return Report.

The Expected Return Report covers what the actuary should do to meet s295-390(5). We think it will provide valuable insight in to the future performance of the fund’s investments – to assist with things like long term cashflow planning.

We have implemented integrations with both Class Super and BGL for the investment mix data required. Not using these platforms? No worries. You can enter the asset allocation manually to access an Expected Return Report for your fund/s. 


Accountants can register with Apricot’s ECPI certificates system for free. Just click the ‘Register’ link at the top right of this page. The Expected Return report is available with your next actuarial certificate as a complimentary service.  What are you waiting for?


Methodology and assumptions

Our partner – 10E24 Pty Ltd

The 10E24 Asset Model forecasts inflation, bond yields and asset class returns including risk, by projecting a large number of forward-looking scenarios based on a wide range of economic and financial risk-factors. The model creates thousands of plausible (probability weighted) paths of economic variables, allowing for the complex interactions between assets. Great care has been taken to ensure that asset classes generate economically consistent returns with a standard deviation, skew, kurtosis and appropriate correlation (both
over time and across asset classes) that’s been calibrated against empirical historical data. The 10E24 asset model is developed by leading actuary, David Schneider.