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What is the Retirement Readiness service?

A new service for your clients

Client Information Sheet

How does it help my firm?

      • Provide a genuine value add for your clients
      • Highest professional quality
      • Supplement your own services
      • Build customer loyalty and an edge on the competition
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Resources for your clients

Approaching Retirement

Planning to retire in 1-10 years

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Planning to fully retire in 10+ years

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Enjoying the fruits of their labours

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Questions we can answer:

A real wake-up call. Gave us confidence.
November 2020

When I first retired, I was worried sick as to whether my wife and I had saved enough to last in retirement.

Our accountant recommended we use Apricot’s Retirement Readiness service and this couldn’t have happened at a better time with all this COVID worry going on. I found Apricot’s service very reassuring. Their staff explained the process and key concepts well and presented us with results that were easy to understand and digest.

It’s a great tool to give confidence that you’re in a good position.

I plan to get another report at least every two years. I love that we had the ability to adjust the calculation to test different circumstances.

We got a real wake-up call about retirement saving in our 50’s. I really hope things like this are available for our kids when they start thinking about retirement.

Paul Brodie, Queensland, recently retired
Provided us with a really clear picture of what was achievable
January 2021

We worked hard in our younger years so that we could travel and enjoy a good standard of living in our retirement. COVID's effect on the markets (and our super balances) left us worried that we wouldn't be able to achieve our retirement goals.
Liam took the time to chat with us, really understand our specific situation and identify our concerns. The results in the report were explained to us in terms we could understand and provided us with a really clear picture of what was achievable. It was valuable to be able to explore scenarios specific to us and see what effect they would have on our lifestyle in retirement. We would highly recommend this service for retirees like us who are looking for clarity around their retirement spending.

Sonny and veronica, Tasmania, Retired
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We were reassured that we don't need to take unneccesary risks
February 2021

Stu: I’ve worked in a tough factory job for most of my life, and my body's starting to tell me it's time to retire. We had serious concerns that our super balance wasn’t going to be enough to cover our planned spending for the rest of our lives.

Paula: We were even looking into some high risk, high reward investment strategies to bolster our super balances before retirement.

Apricot was able to take a look at our financial situation and illustrate what our life in retirement would realistically look like. We were pleasantly surprised!

They were able to factor in our plans to work part time, planned overseas holidays and inheritances to identify a yearly amount that we can rely on spending for the rest of our lives.

We were reassured that we don’t need to take unnecessary risks to boost our super. This service was invaluable in helping us make decisions in the years up until our retirement. We’ll revisit in a few years to make sure we are still on track.

Paula and Stu, Victoria, Working - planning for retirement
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