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Talking about money

This article is not about Apricot (although we do aspire to have good branding). Here we’re simply observing a few other companies whose marketing and design styles we like. [We are not endorsing the companies in any way!] Too often, financial firms revert to jargon and detail and assume everyone is very ‘left brain’. But […]

Longevity tables, the basis for ensuring your money lasts, need new life

“To have more than a coin-toss chance that a person’s retirement planning horizon is sufficient, you need to look at the timeframe that gives 80% or more certainty of being sufficient,” the Institute says in a research note to financial planners. It goes on to say that while there is uncertainty around how long any […]

Robust Retirement Outcomes

Most retired households will have a mix of assets at retirement with the most common being superannuation, home, and savings outside of superannuation. To complicate matters, retirees face two huge unknowns: What investment returns will be during their retirement; and How long they, and their spouse, might live. This uncertainty makes turning capital into lifetime […]